Image of 11 Row Dragon Skinn Sterling Silver Cuff

11 Row Dragon Skinn Sterling Silver Cuff



This Beast is the what fantasies are made of. Completely handcrafted from 16g-14g (14g is $725) sterling silver sheet. I mark my sheet, then hand stamp all the scale outlines using a female stamp that has a recess. After all the scale stamps are laid out (& hopefully straight) I then flip and clamp that stamp in a vice, line up each indent so it *clicks* into place, and take the 2nd male diamond stamp, eyeball the center of each stamp and give it a good whack. If all goes well and nothing shifted, the result is a single 'bumped out' scale with nice clean edges. I repeat over and over till all the scales are brought to life. Afterwards I hand saw each one out and clean up the sharp edges. Finally, I take and shape the bracelet in a hydraulic press to give it an anticlastic shape that fits comfortably on your wrist. Truly a work of art, from the heart. Enjoy.

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